Free startrek fleet command bot


stfc free bot

  • Automated hostiles farming (auto farm)
  • Slow Mining bot (iso, ressources,...)
  • Undetectable and easy to use (no configuration in the game)
  • Hostile type selection
  • "Kill On Sight" by hostile type (active scout hunting)
  • No need of BlueStack! (easy to get banned with it...)
  • Optimized AI targetting
  • Automatic return to base, repairing, asking help and speedup
  • Infinite return to battle
  • Hostile Kill Steal detection
  • Works on hostiles, swarms, actians and Exchange
  • Wait for full shield before attacking next hostile
  • Autmatic drydock detection
  • shield & hull level detection
  • Avoid PVP
  • Help Alliance, gather free chest,...
  • Use swarm & actian token
  • Advanced fight stats
  • Stop bot depending on several criterias
  • Pre targetting next hostiles on crowded zone
  • Management of seconf repair line
  • Turn off/Hibernate PC once finished botting
  • The best star trek fleet command free bot (2 times 30min of botting each day forever)
  • Free licence grabbing (7 days, renewable)
  • Data Mining bot
  • Base shield management
  • Hailing frequencies spam
free pc client stfc bot

Comming Soon

  • Eco friendly features
  • Camp mode

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