Free bot licence

The number of free beta licences is limited. New licences are available based on time.

Number of available free licence(s) :


Just enter your email below to get a free 7 days licence. You can renew when no licence active or less than 1 day before expiration (Warning will pop in the bot GUI).

EMAIL :(mandatory)
Please note that an activation email will be send.
REFERENT :(optional)
User reference (number) of the referent (friend of you) who will receive extra 5% of the licence duration with a minimum of 1 day. Works also for free licences.

Thanks and enjoy being able to get your real life back letting anbots playing for you :-)

How to activate Licence

    activate licence
  • Go on the licence tab
  • Enter your email
  • Push on the "Update Licence buton"
  • Enjoy!
  • You may ask for a new licence every weeks for now