Tutorial : Getting Started

1/ Download official STFC PC client
2/ STFC PC client configuration

Once the PC client started, click on the top left corner and enter settings :Settings

Click on General and enable Extended zoom for maximum bot efficiency :Zoom

Go back and click on graphical settings. Click on "FullScreen" and choose "Windowed" :Windowed

All other settings should not have any impact on the bot behaviour.

3/ Download the bot

Download the latest available version Here.

4/ Grab a free open beta licence

Follow steps available on Here.

5/ Prepare your grinding ship

For the first time, go on your destination system with your ship ready for the fight. Select the correct drydock.

6/ Start the bot

Just click on the 'Engage' Button or hit 'CTRL-S'.

The bot will adapt the game client and scan it. Your selected ship will be shown under the start button and... let's fight !

To stop botting, just hit 'CTRL-S' again or hit 'ESC' key for complete bot closing