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Some specific vocabulary & acronyms used on our Discord

Kill On SightKoS : Kill On Sight : Use of the specific main option to detect & target asap a specific hostile type. During target acquisition, the bot will first try to find the specified hostile type on the visible part of the system and target it. If no hostile of this type is confirmed, the bot will continue to the normal target acquisition loop.

Red Is DeadRiD : Red Is Dead : A type of configuration that will attack every hostile on screen without filtering. This way of working is the best for performance & kill rate. This is the basic configuration when you start the bot (every hostile type selected and no KoS)

Configuration by purpose

How to configure your bot to have best performance

Kill On Sight InteceptorActian : Allow every hostile type to attack (even if on explorers & interceptors are present) and select Interceptor as KoS. This way, the bot will search for Apex and if none confirmed, he will attack the closest hostile (and grind bonus from time to time)

Kill On Sight InteceptorScout hunting : When you grind in a system that spawn scouts, you want them :-) Select hostile types you are able to kill (preferably let them all selected for performance) and select Interceptor as KoS

Red Is DeadSwarn, Eclipse : RiD is your friend. Just select carefully the system so that bot won't spend too much time going back to base

Borg huntingBorgs : For them, select a system where your Vidar (Thalios)'s cargo can be almost be full of nanos. Select every hostile types (for performance) and spot Miner as KoS as you love killings Ferengi (everybody does)

High level hunting
High level hunting 2
High Levels : When you need to kill high level hostiles (reputation grinding,...) Put an hostile type dedicated crew (SNW) and only select this kind of hostiles to kill. There is no need to setup a KoS except if you are huntind Scouts. Adding a KoS (in this example on Survey) will only make the bot pickup an hostile anywhere on the screen and not the closest one

Go further in botting efficiency

Use Ripper's mod

version.dll : This mod allows you, by example, to unzoom in order to see a complete system. This view can increase the efficiency of Anbots by 25-50% and helps a lot grinding scout and Ferengi (Die Ferengi, diiieeee!) Check the Faq for more installation & configuration tips

Stealth Mode

Do not be too greedy

SLB : Do not crush SLB... target the top 5, not the win

Alliance help : Deactivate alliance help during your usual sleep time


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This site only propose an automated tools that may help you to free some time for real life :-)
Anbot is a windows stfc bot that allows you to gring automatically hostiles with a lot of advanced bot feature. NO bluestack needed. This bot is easy to start with and user friendly.
The best bot for stfc.


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