Release note

12/04/2023 :v1.0.2
  • Hostile : Better full detection while using pre-targeting
  • Hostile : Cube cutting beam
  • Hostile : Avoid being stuck returning to battle and clicking out of the system
  • Hostile : Better tergetting in crowded zone
  • ALL : Network connection stability
  • ALL : Shield detection optimization
  • ALL: New gathering chests
  • ALL : Simple and advanced version available that shoud easu downloading
11/07/2023 :v1.0.1
  • All : Avoid free repair loop if speedup use is allowed
  • All : Adaptation to patch 60
  • Raid : Optimization (10% faster)
  • Hostile : Pre-targeting option
11/02/2023 :v1.0.0
  • Raid : Base raiding bot
  • Hostile : If the bot miss the entering in DS, he will force system view
  • Hostile : Correction of daily count for multi session botting
  • Slow : Correction of unneeded stop/recall
  • All : Avoid being stuck in reward chest gathering
  • All : New repair loop with smarter button detection
  • All : Scale check correction
  • All : Addition of Client size check
  • All : Better error displaying (especially on networking)
10/19/2023 :v0.9.25
  • General : 8x drydock ship state corrected. This will correct most problem for those who have less than 6 drydocks.
  • General : time to hostiles limit reset shown on the bot.
  • General : Day kills are saved server side and reset when the 2000 hostiles limit resets.
  • General : Emergency escape from chest.(in case of lag)
  • General : drydock lenght & client size shown in the Help tab.
  • Hostile : Delta quadran token management.
  • Data : Support now 'full' return condition.
10/02/2023 :v0.9.24
  • General : Avoid chest gathering stuck
  • General : Gathering chest humanization
  • General : Better cargo %age detection
  • Hostiles :Allow to wait more than 99 min before using speedup
  • FastMining : Allow to force refresh rate
  • FastMining : Less useless click/Zoom
  • FastMining : Add cargo %age as condition of return
09/24/2023 :v0.9.23
  • Tech stack update
  • Slowmining : cargo %age detection
  • Slowmining : Management of dead/full status
  • Slowmining : Detection of initial miner status
  • Slowmining : Avoid unnecessary ship selection/zoom
  • Hostile : Improvement of hostile type detection
  • Hostile : Correction of returning home cancellation
  • Hostile : CPU consumption lowered
07/17/2023 :v0.9.22
  • Adaptation to latest scopelu patch
  • better dead/full state detection
  • Correction for slow mining bot not able to target mine
  • Correction of error click return button
  • Some vidar xhre wonglu deteced as full
  • Lat usage for speedup enhancement
06/25/2023 :v0.9.21
  • (Hostiles)Hailing frenquencies spam
  • Slow mining bot rebuild (better stability)
  • Web link correction (licence)
  • Human like mouse move
  • Repair ship correction (better detection of free speedup)
  • Lat usage for speedup enhancement
05/24/2023 :v0.9.20
  • Better stability
  • Slow mining bot (alpha version
  • Faster bot stopping
  • More human like behaviour
05/19/2023 :v0.9.19
  • Better Ghost detection and run away behaviour
  • Fixed repairing without speedups
  • Faster bot stopping
  • More human like behaviour for chest gathering
  • Exit hotkey customizable
04/24/2023 :v0.9.18
  • Base shield management
  • Minor UI improvment
  • Possible to change the hotkey for Starting/Stopping the bot
  • Faster bot closing
  • Fine tuning in avoiding to click on mission reminder
  • Direct referent link to share with friends in the Licence Tab
04/16/2023 :v0.9.17
  • Fast Data mining bot
  • Better running status show with button change
  • Save total hostiles count on the server
  • View of last licences grabbing in the licence tab
  • Correction of a hostile count limit before going home
  • Screen scale problem detection
  • Scan zone limitation option to avoid clicking on mission reminder
  • Correction in 7days chest detection
04/10/2023 :v0.9.16
  • Daily hostiles counter debug
  • avoid skin to disappear under certain condition
  • Freeze problem when repairing when not using speedup
  • Better bot state reinitialization on restart
  • Problem correction with Full cargo detection while docked
  • New copy button to put user reference in clipboard (licence tab)
  • New direct link to licence extension (licence tab)
04/04/2023 :v0.9.15
  • Improvements in "RiD" & "Hostile types" targetting
  • New stats available : Total kill of the bot, Total kill of the day (be carefull on the hostiles kill limit)
  • Some tech update
  • Better new user experience
03/26/2023 :v0.9.14
  • Corrected problem of DLL loading. Note that, for the moment, DLL are in the same folder thn exe
  • Corrected problem with remaining duration of licences
  • Correction of 8x shield detection
  • Some new user friendliness background optimization
  • Minor bugs & UI & typo
03/25/2023 :v0.9.13
  • New GUI design
  • Gather extra free gift
  • Some optimization for Rippers mod compatibility
  • New option to stop botting after x home return
  • New hibernate mode once finished (for laptops)
03/20/2023 :v0.9.12
  • Kill On Sight feature (check FAQ for detail)
  • random scan orientation (better space management)
  • deadlock in chest correction (7days chest)
  • Removed 'Info' Tab to trigger less antivirus
03/14/2023 :v0.9.11
  • Correction 'unable to resize client' to ease first start
  • DLL error detection (if not able to used DLL, will deactivate the hostile type selection checkboxes)
  • Bot will now repair once finished the number of hostiles
  • creation of dedicated INFO tab to ease problem investigation
  • Wait full shield feature correction
03/12/2023 :v0.9.10
  • Hostile type selection
  • Minor debug & optimization
03/7/2023 :v0.9.9
  • Adaptation to patch 52
  • Chest claim adaptation
  • Correction for hull & Shield detection
03/5/2023 :v0.9.8
  • Warning on premium licence expiration
  • La'an SNW full cargo detection
  • Update tech stack (easier with win11)
02/21/2023 :v0.9.7
  • Deep Space return
  • New option to spend latinium for repairing
  • CPU usage optimization
  • Bug correction with the syndicate chest checkbox
02/15/2023 :v0.9.6
  • Adaptation for patch 51
  • Improved fight time vs other tasks ==> better hostiles/hour ratio
  • Reduced false positive virus detection on
  • Management of ship reparaing if the repairing queue is already full
  • Management of returning to base after kiling # hostiles
01/31/2023 :v0.9.5
  • Adaptation for low number of drydocks
  • Added some useful debug information in the 'Help' tab
01/22/2023 :v0.9.4
  • Adaptation to patch 50.1.
  • Even better targetting AI
  • More human like behaviour
  • More accurate shield & hull detection
  • Various bugs/improvements
  • Possible to define a max number of hostile killed before thebot stop (more human like)
12/13/2022 :v0.9.3
  • Adaptation to patch 50.
  • New targetting AI
  • More human like behaviour
  • More accurate shield & hull detection
  • Various bugs/improvements